Mileage terms & conditions

  • 75 miles for a 4 hour hire
  • 150 miles for a 24 hour hire
  • Any mileage over is chargeable at 10p per mile

Welcome to AM Hire Ltd FAQ Section

Would a photocopy of my driving licence be acceptable?

No unfortunately we cannot accept photocopies – we must see original licenses only

I still have the old style licence not the two-part type, can I still hire?

Yes you can still hire but we must see some type of official photo i.d. such as a passport or work photo card.

How do I generate a 'DVLA Unique Code'?

You can visit www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence and follow the instructions to generate a unique code.

What proof of address is acceptable?

A proof of address has to be something official that has come through the post within the last 6 weeks for example – Utility bill, Bank statement, Credit card bill.

I would like to hire a minibus to seat 15 passengers next month. Are they self-drive and if so do I need a special licence to drive one?

We have a fleet of minibuses ranging from 9 seats up to 17. The 9 seater minibus can be driven on an ordinary licence providing the driver is over 25 and has held a full driving licence for more than 2 years, with no major endorsements. The only minibus is a 17-seater that you will need a D1 on your license. For drivers who passed their test before 1997 this was automatically added to their licence, however since then drivers must now sit a separate test to gain their D1. If you’re not sure if you have a D1 look on the reverse side of your photo card licence and this details all the categories you are qualified to drive.

Do I have to pay a cancellation fee if I don’t turn up to collect a vehicle which has already been booked?

All online bookings are prepaid and non-refundable. 

Vehicles booked directly with branch – At the time of booking a vehicle we will need to take your credit or debit card details – No money will be deducted unless you are a no show or cancel in which case the full cost of the hire will be taken.

This rule applies all year round.

I am 23 years old and would like to hire a van. Would you hire to a young driver?

We do hire to young drivers like yourself. Our young driver range is between 21 and 25 years. You should have held a full licence for more than two years and have no major endorsements. You can hire up to and including a LWB Transit in our vans or up to and including a Peugeot 300 allure size car. There are additional charges when we hire to young drivers – a daily charge for Young driver insurance is an additional £15 per day. This is held on your card for up to 7 working days.

I will be visiting the UK soon and hold a French driving licence. Would I be able to hire a vehicle from your company?

Yes, you can hire from us if you are visiting the UK using your French driving licence. We accept most international clean licenses.

I want to travel to Europe and was wondering if you allowed your vehicles to travel abroad and what are the details?

We do allow all our vehicles to travel abroad and there is an additional charge of £190. We organise the necessary documentation (Green Card) needed for your journey, all you have to do is organise your own 5 star European breakdown cover. As for mileage allowance, foreign travel customers will get double the ordinary daily allowance of 150 per day. 

Do you supply a driver?

Unfortunately we cannot supply drivers. All our hires are self drive.

Could you please tell me how old you have to be to hire one of your vehicles?

Drivers need to be between 21-70 years of age and have held a full drivers license for more than 2 years and have no major endorsements. Drivers between the ages of 21-25 will pay a daily charge for Young Drivers Insurance and a deposit of £500. Excess reduction options are not available to them. Drivers over the age of 70 may still hire but this will need to be agreed with both the branch and Insurance Company concerned.

I have endorsements on my licence, would I still be able to hire from you?

Most minor offences are acceptable but it is advisable when making your booking to declare any endorsements immediately so as to avoid any disappointment when collecting your vehicle.

What is your fuel policy?

We operate a full to full fuel policy. All vehicles will be hired with a full fuel tank and you have to return the tank full when returning the vehicle. Failure to do so will result in a minimum £30 charge.

What is Ad Blue and do I have to fill it up?

AdBlue is a liquid, clear solution which consists of demineralized water and automotive urea (32,5%). AdBlue is injected into the exhaust gasses of a diesel powered engine to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides AM Hire operates a full to full Ad Blue system. You must replace the Ad Blue that you have used irrespective of the distance travelled. Customers returning the vehicle with less Ad Blue than on the commencement of hire will be charged the following: 0-100 miles – £2.50,  101-200 – £5.00 inc. VAT.

What happens if the vehicle is damaged whilst on hire to me?

If the vehicle is damaged whilst on hire, upon return you would be expected to pay the Insurance excess. Even if it were not your fault the excess would still be paid but once the claim was settled the excess would then be refunded.

Would the items I am transporting be covered by the insurance?

Items being transported in the vehicle are not covered by our Insurance. Anything left in the vehicle is at your own risk.

What does the Insurance cover and what is not covered?

The Insurance covers accidental damage but it does not cover any damage over the height of 5’ 6” as that is classed as self inflicted and it also does not cover windscreen or tyres.

Can I reduce the excess?

Excess is £1000 for everyone. It is possible to reduce the excess on some of our vehicles. The excess can be reduced to £500 for a fee of £30 on our van range from Ford Transit Connect up to and including LWB Transit, not on Cars, Jumbo, Luton and Minibuses.

Can I have more than one driver covered on the insurance?

We can insure up to two people, but it does incur an extra charge, which depends on how long the vehicle is on hire.

I would like to hire one of your vehicles with a tow bar, would my trailer be covered?

Our insurance does not cover any items being towed.

Can I provide my own insurance?

Yes, you can provide your own insurance, but a valid certificate must be shown to prove you are insured and you must have the registration of the vehicle you are hiring out on the insurance.

Why do I have to leave a deposit on a card?

The deposit is required as a security against the safe return of the vehicle. The card must be produced on the day of hire.

What does ‘Pre-authorisation’ mean, and how does it work?

We pre-authorise a deposit on the day of hire, which means that your bank thinks a transaction might occur in the next 7 working days so blocks this amount. Pre-authorisation means that the amount is available if required.

Do you take it from my account and then refund it when the vehicle returns?

We do not actually ‘take’ the amount from your account on the initial transaction, but it is held in reserve for a period of seven days by your bank.

Why seven days when I’m hiring for a shorter period?

We only have an interest in the deposit amount for the period that you are renting the vehicle for. Once the vehicle has been returned and signed in as ‘no damage/funds outstanding’ we have no further interest, but your bank makes that amount unavailable to you for a period of seven working days.

Will this amount show on my bank statement so that I know it has gone back in?

As this amount never leaves your account it will not show as a transaction debited out/credited back. Therefore it will not show on your statement.

Does the Pre-authorisation have to be on the driver’s card?

Not necessarily, however, the card-holder must be present at the time of the vehicle hire to produce the card and to sign documentation. Identification of the card-holder is required, ie. passport/photographic ID and proof of address.

Which cards can I use?

We accept Visa debit/credit and Mastercard. We are unable to accept Maestro, Solo, Electron Switch and Amex.

Can you collect me from the airport?

Yes, we can usually pick you up from the airport depending upon the time and day of your flight. This must be pre-arranged at the time of booking. There will be a pre-arranged collection point or the alternative is to use the Metro, which can be boarded inside the airport terminal – two stops and you are here, disembark at Kenton Bankfoot.

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Hired a Luton van for moving house. I was a bit nervous driving something this big but it was perfect for the job and got the hang of it quick. Big enough for wardrobes and beds. The power lift at the back made things a lot easier too. Great van, great service, great value.

Mr Laing

Absolute joy to hire from. After the initial enquiry everything was explained about what was required, the cost and time scales etc. When I was let down by solicitors and needed to extend my loan period a quick phone call and all was arranged.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend AM Hire to anyone.

I will certainly return when/if the need for van hire is required.

Mr Henderson

Hired a 17 seater minibus via AM hire using their online process and found it very easy to use. Minibus was nearly new, clean and ready for me to collect at the agreed time. Drop off was very quick and easy also. Price was also reasonable and had no problem adding an additional driver or extra miles. Would definitely recommend and will certainly use again in the future. Thanks Colin

Mr Bell